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carries $700 billion gamble where medicare recipients take the risk stop obama. more on medicare and one on same-sex marriage is another. instant message here about medicare. basically these went out all over the washington, d.c., area. joining us now,. from the "washington post." mike and you received one of these last night yourself and you have been working on it today at the post what did you find out? >> you know, it wasn't a simple matter trying to figure out where it came frsm looked up the e-mail addresses these domain names they were not registered but we found a if you went to the site, a popular internet registration service and plug these in all those names circled back to one company out in fairfax county, company called cc advertising. they have some ties to republican party organizations. republican candidates and also they have done work for private businesses. we tried to get in touch with them today to get explanations on this and we haven't been successful. >> in the age where folks are used to get theetion robo calls at home. you get something on your cell
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1